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About Smart Choice

Smart Choice Learning Center was founded in 2007 by two friends and educators: Arilis Cabrera and Marlen Buergo.

As educators, they saw how difficult it was to reach each student while making sure to cover all the necessary material in a school day. This opened their eyes to the dire need of additional support that students needed outside of the regular school day to succeed. 


Over the years Marlen Buergo has not only remained owner but is still an active classroom educator. With over 18 years of classroom experience, she is aware of the rigorous changes in the curriculum and how difficult it can be for students to keep up. Ms. Buergo is also aware that most households have parents that work long hours to provide for their families, leaving little or no time for quality-time. This does not include coming home and making sure homework and online programs assigned to students daily have been completed.


We want to help your child succeed!

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